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Submitted on
November 24, 2011


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I.I.T.Eyes feature

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2011, 2:38 AM

There is nothing strange when a Muslim makes a contribution for Islam or for Muslims. but when a non-Muslim does that, it raises feelings of admiration and respect among Muslims. and maybe raises eyebrows, confusion and questioning among many non-Muslims. throughout history, many non-Muslims expressed honest and positive opinions and thoughts about Islam. this expression takes different forms. here in deviantART, being an art community, it takes the form of drawing, photography and literature.

so, I'd like to show my appreciation, support and respect to our brothers and sisters in humanity who are not Muslims, by featuring their Islamic-related works in my journal here. I call it "Islam In Their Eyes feature" or "I.I.T.Eyes Feature" like the title of this journal reads.
This will also allow Muslims to know these people out there and appreciate their work (and who knows, maybe make new friends :D) these people who, in spite of being different from Muslims, having different faith, way of life, opinions... yet they chose to see Muslims as fellow human beings just like them. they chose to say no to ignorance and no to prejudice. this, in itself, deserves deep respect. especially that we are living in an age where many Muslims are suffering from misconceptions and discrimination and where tolerance and understanding are much needed in this world.

if you are a non-Muslim who did any Islamic-related work here in deviantART or if you know anyone who did so, feel free to post link to the deviation and I will check it. if it respects the rules below, I will add it to this journal.

Rules of submission:
a- The artworks have to be Islamic-related.
b- The artworks have to have a positive message. if not, they must not have a negative one.
c- Artworks that promote hate, terrorism, violence and misconceptions about Islam are NOT accepted. don't bother submitting them.
d- Any Artworks made to support the DMD are not accepted.
e- All links must be in deviantART. links outside the domain are not viewed.
f- The submissions could be journal entries, drawings, photography, articles or anything Islam-related. but it must be done/submitted by a non-Muslim.

I appreciate if my dear Muslim brothers and sisters would be kind and drop by these people's galleries and leave some warm friendly words of love and peace.

Spunky Hijab by Acaciathorn A Rare Flower Lineart by MandiPope Peace by MandiPope Support Her Choice by MandiPope A Simple Vision  Test by MandiPope She Wouldn't Lineart by MandiPope Haters Gonna Hate by ISolitude  Two and me by aminavimo Purple-ish by aminavimo Saif by aminavimo Eid al adha 2011 by aminavimo night princess by aminavimo Half by aminavimo Gabriella M. by StrawberryR beautiful girl by eatdastrawberry Animal Welfare by ChristyChan10 Steampunk Muslimah by Allocer2009 Spring Sky by Allocer2009 Spring-Sky by NaMiKiTtIn Fatim by humon Commission by WhiteFoxCub Salt Water by MichaelShapcott Hijab by azeemb tolerance by Mrcappy Princess of Faith by NaMiKiTtIn AT: Zaakir Headshot by Dr-Scaphandre Qatar Chibi by KururuRyu Qatar y Mochi Egipto/Qatar and Mochi Egypt by KururuRyu Qatar eyes by KururuRyu Qatar PixelART by KururuRyu I am a Feminist by fujoshianimechick A Coffee Lover by c0ffeeblack
Do you know more people making cool drawings about Islam and Muslims? let me know

<da:thumb id="178931437"/> Now, Tell Me.. by Symmylynn
Do you know some people taking cool photography about Islam and Muslims? let me know

<da:thumb id="202124891"/>
Do you know more people writing cool articles about Islam and Muslims? let me know

Deviant STAMPS:
ISupportMuslimWomen by SweetLolitaDoll Muslim doesn't equal Terrorist by AtheosEmanon Bigotry is not Patriotism by AtheosEmanon I wish I knew Arabic II by AtheosEmanon  It's Just A Scarf by RS-Kyra
Do you know more people making cool Stamps about Islam and Muslims? let me know

Don't be shy, comment and let me know new talents. :la:

"He [God] gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given abundant good"
Arabic calligraphy in the Thuluth artistic calligraphy style.
The holy Qur'an, translation of 2:269

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Dr-Scaphandre Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014

I made this for my friend :iconzaakir:, if that's okay.
c0ffeeblack Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You can add this picture I drew if you like ^_^
spring-sky Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you ever decided to update this . I'd like to suggest some artworks from ~KururuRyu

spring-sky Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This needs an update ,some thumbs are not working anymore
MizuPics Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
I did this... [link]

Yes I know it's just Stix. But it was fun.
whyhavedeactivedpage Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Found another [link] =0
Mrcappy Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
Congrats on making a journal on this topic, and feeling my work is worthy of such a topic.
-The “Intolerably Late Response” Cappy
whyhavedeactivedpage Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Found a stamp =D [link]
whyhavedeactivedpage Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Found another perhaps. [link]
spring-sky Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alsalam alaikum brother .

I think that I suggested this before ,but I'll repeat it just in case .

I'd like to suggest this [link] by ~Kagome-Inuyashkina

The artist is not a Muslim [link]
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