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November 22, 2012
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Laa Ilaaha Illallaah 2 by Nayzak Laa Ilaaha Illallaah 2 by Nayzak
Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you],

I wanted to make some Arabic calligraphy artworks for a long time. In an attempt to allow the non-Arab Muslim and the non-Muslim visitors of my page to learn, know and maybe enjoy more about Islamic culture, I'd like to start making and posting some Arabic calligraphy art, in sha'Allah [God willing]. some will be digital while others will be traditional.

Along with these calligraphy artworks, I am going to offer some answers to common questions regarding Islam.
I'd like to start with the God himself -Glory be to him-.

NOTE: Allah -Glory be to him- is a supernatural being. he is beyond our understanding. we can not reach him through science and we will not understand him if we only use our logic and our limited knowledge. the only way we learn about the God is through the message brought to us by the prophets of the God: Islam. in these articles, I am going to base on the Qur'an in order to answer these questions.
Someone may ask: "Why should we believe the Qur'an?"
this is a valid question, and it will be answered in a separate series about "proof that the Qur'an is God's word" but even if you do not believe the Qur'an, it offers answers. Getting the Islamic answers is the purpose of this article

Note that the proof that there is a God is dealt with in other articles of mine (check my gallery for that). Proof that Islam is the religion of the God will be dealt with in other articles of mine.
keep in mind that this article is specific only to answer specific questions.
Know that whether you are satisfied about the answers or not is not a big deal to me. I am simply providing information, regardless of them being convincing to you or not. not for the purpose of debating, but for the purpose of informing you about how Islam answers these questions and that, even us Muslims, can question things regarding our religion. not like some ignorant people like to claim.

Start from first part:

:bulletred: 4. "Where is God?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
Some other religions teach that "God is everywhere." This is actually called "pantheism" and it is the opposite of our believe system in Islam. Allah tells us clearly that there is nothing, anywhere in the universe that resembles Him, nor is He ever in His creation. He tells us in the Quran that He created the universe in six "Yawm" (in Arabic, it means a 'periods of time') and then He "Istawa 'Ala Al Arsh" (rose up, above His Throne). He is there (above His Throne) and will remain there until the End Times.

:bulletred: 5. "Why did God create everything?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
Allah says in His Qur'an that He did not create all of this for any foolish purpose. He tells us that He created us, humans, for the purpose of worshiping Him, Alone and without any partners.

:bulletred: 6. "Is God pure, good, loving and fair? - If so, then where does evil, hatred and injustice come from?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
Allah tells us that He is Pure, Loving, and absolutely Just in every respect. He says that He is the Best of Judges. He also tells us that the life that we are in is a test. He has created all the things that exist and He has created all that happens as well. There is nothing in this existence except what He has created. He also says in the Qur'an that He created evil (although He is not evil). He is using this as one of the many tests for us.

:bulletred: 7. "Does God really have power of things? - If so, then why does He let people become sick, oppressed and die?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
Oppression is something that Allah forbids for Himself to do to anyone and He hates it when anyone oppresses someone else. He does have absolute power over everything. He allows sickness, disease, death and even oppression so that we can all be tested in what we do.

:bulletred: 8. "Can you prove there is a God?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
Can you prove that you exist?
Yes, of course you can. You merely use your senses to determine that you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste and you have emotions as well. All of this is a part of your existence. But this is not how we perceive God in Islam. We can look to the things that He has created and the way that He cares for things and sustains us, to know that there is no doubt of His existence.

Think about this the next time that you are looking up at the moon or the stars on a clear night; could you drop a drinking glass on the sidewalk and expect that it would hit the ground and on impact it would not shatter, but it would divide up into little small drinking glasses, with iced tea in them? Of course not.

And then consider if a tornado came through a junkyard and tore through the old cars; would it leave behind a nice new Mercedes with the engine running and no parts left around? Naturally not.

Can a fast food restaurant operate itself without any people there? That's crazy for anyone to even think about.

After considering all of the above, how could we look to the universe above us through a telescope or observe the molecules in a microscope and then think that all of this came about as a result of a "big bang" or some "accident?"

... to be continued, in sha'Allah [God willing].

answers by Sheikh Yusuf Estes (with a little change) from [link]

I hope this was beneficial

You may have questions about the God. please be patient, as there are many questions that I am going to present in next articles. perhaps your question will be answered...

nest one:

IN THE DRAWING: "Laa Ilaaha Illallaah" in Arabic means there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah.

If I am right, it is from the God. if I am wrong, it is from myself.
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Question: In the previous part, it says we were created by God to worship Him, which is defined as everything one says or does for the pleasure of the God. This, of course, includes rituals as well as beliefs, social activities, and personal contributions to the welfare of one's fellow human-beings and the environment. How do we find what are the best beliefs and contributions in this regard?
CPIngrid Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Allah says in His Qur'an that He did not create all of this for any foolish purpose. He tells us that He created us, humans, for the purpose of worshiping Him, Alone and without any partners.

Does Islam have any answers for why the God created us with that purpose in mind? As in, why the God wanted or needed to be worshiped?
hanciong Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what is really the difference between "God is everywhere" and "God is closer than our jugular vein" or "wherever your faces directs, you face God" (or similar like that, I forget the exact words)
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Very beautiful though I cant read it too. I would love to know how my name would look in those awesome calligraphy!
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