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Is Allah the name of God in the Bible? 2 by Nayzak Is Allah the name of God in the Bible? 2 by Nayzak
Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you],

from time to time, I still get some Christians coming here to argue that Allah is not the God of their Bible. although I already talked about this issue in a previous work of mine [link] . It appears It was not convincing enough. Alright. This time, I am not going to say anything. I will only quote what Christians say in this regards. Precisely Arab Christians.

This text is my own translation from an article in The Official Website of St. Takla Haymanout Coptic Orthodox Church. The original article [link] is in Arabic, and I simply tried to translate most of it.
In the end of this article, I provide my own remarks about the article.
This article does not represent my views and does not represent Islamic views of the God. it simply represent Christian views by the author of the article. if you disagree with what the author says, feel free to contact them in the link above.

*** beginning of translation ***

:bulletred:هل كلمة "الله" هي حِكر على أو من ابتداع الإسلام؟
Is Allah an Islamic invention/monopoly?

The word Allah is an Islamic word. why do you use it? and do you have proof of its existence in the Holy Bible?

The word Allah is mentioned in the holy Bible. and that was before Islam[1]. it is mentioned 2246 times. and to be sure of its biblical origin, you only have to read the first verse of the first book of the holy Bible. You will find it there. and You will find it there in the last book of the New testament of Allah's book...
Indeed the Arabic translations of the holy Bible preceded Islam[1]. attempts to translate the Bible into Arabic started from the early age of Christianity. Arabic language is not an invention of the Qur'an[2]. it is simply a language in which it was written.

It is unthinkable to imagine that the early Christian missionaries who spread the Christian faith in Arabia centuries before Islam have neglected providing their people with a translation of the biblical books into the Arabic tongue.
Another thing. If you say that Allah is a name, then it would have been translated into Allah or Alah in the translations of the Bible. But in fact, it is translated into God (in English) and Vnou (in Coptic)... and so on. It is just a word. just like the Lord, the God and Creator. and it is not one of Allah's names[3]. and among the details that many people neglect is that the name of the Islamic prophet was "Mohammed ibn Abd-Allah ibn Abd-AlMuttalib". so his father's name include the name Allah. was his father a Muslim[4]? or did his name change after Islam? or does this prove that the word was used before Islam.

Allah is one. I mean, there is no god for the Christians. and god for the Muslims... and so on. he is One god for all people. the difference is the understanding of each religion about Allah -blessed be his name-. The Creator of all that exists is One. but not all people have the same idea of this god. When I use the word Allah, I use it in its meaning of the Lord the Creator. and of course this has no relation to the Qur'anic understanding of Allah. There is no problem in using the word (Allah) as long as it is clear that I am not talking about the god of Islam or Allah according to Qur'anic understanding.

Anyway, Allah -glory be to him- can not be limited or described. and there is no language on Earth that can talk about him -blessed be his name-. So Allah is not a word or a description of a deity of any religion. he is the Creator. "For we live, move, and exist because of him;" acts 17:28[5]

here are over 2000 verses containing the word Allah from the Old testament and New testament in the holy Bible:

*** End of translation ***

scroll down and enjoy the Arabic wall of text. the word Allah in Arabic is written الله so even if you know nothing in Arabic, you can spot this word 2000 times in the biblical verses.

In that webpage, you can also see a big Arabic calligraphy of the word Allah, written in Thuluth script and Designed by Michael Ghaly specially for the St. Takla Haymanout Coptic Orthodox Church website. it is exactly what you see in many Islamic calligraphy artworks.

:bulletred: MY REMARKS:
:bulletgreen: [1] the author of this article assumes that Islam was founded by the prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him- in the seventh century. this is wrong because Islam was the religion preached by all prophets of the God since the beginning of time. (check this for more of the definition of Islam [link] )
Saying the Bible came before Islam is a false statement. But saying the Bible came before the Qur'an is correct.
:bulletgreen: [2] true. the Qur'an does not claim to invent the Arabic language. It does not claim to invent the name Allah. Arabic was the language spoken by Arabs for centuries. One of the reasons the Qur'an was revealed in Arabic is so that the Arabs to whom it was revealed could understand it.
:bulletgreen: [3] "Allah is not one of Allah's names" this statement by the author does not make sense to me. especially that they provide over 2000 verses where Allah is used as God's name.
Besides, contrary to the words Lord, Creator and god (which can be used for other than the Almighty God), the word Allah is never used for anything or anyone but God. which makes it a special name of The God.
:bulletgreen: [4] The father of prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him- was called Abd-Allah -also spelled Abdullah- (translated Servant of Allah). This name was also used by Jews in Arabia even before Mohammed. Before the coming of the last prophet of Islam, the Arabs knew Allah. it was the God of the religion preached by Abraham -peace be upon him- many centuries ago. The only problem was that their understanding of the God was corrupted with time. that's why the God sent a prophet to them to correct that misunderstanding.
:bulletgreen: [5] In KJV, acts 17:28 says:
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being..."
but I find it a little different in meaning from the Arabic verse quoted in the original text "بِهِ نَحْيَا وَنَتَحَرَّكُ وَنُوجَدُ" Checking different translations in [link] I found that the International Standard Version (2012) and Aramaic Bible in Plain English (2010) are closer in meaning to the Arabic verse. thus I used the ISV.

I hope this was beneficial.

photos references:
- [link]
- [link]
- [link]

If you are a Christian and still want to claim that Allah is not the name of the God in the Bible, you gotta convince all your Arab Christian brethren to remove "Allah" from all their Bibles and all their Churches and all their websites. unless they do that and replace it with another word, I will not take you seriously and your claim is baseless.

I think I provided enough evidence that Allah is indeed the Arabic name for the God in the Bible of Arab Christians and Jews. what I need to do next is to deal with the differences in the understanding of Allah between the Abrahamic religions. I will do it, in sha'Allah, in my coming series of religious comparison.

if I am right, it is from the God. if I am wrong, it is from myself.
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