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If you want to be fair... by Nayzak If you want to be fair... by Nayzak
Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you],

Many non-Muslim point their fingers toward Muslims accusing Islam for the suppression of women, calling to liberate Muslim women, to free them from oppression and to save them from Muslim male domination, from Islamic Shari'ah and from Islam.

I invite every person, I invite every woman, every non-Muslim woman, to talk to a Muslim lady. I mean, let's not ask Barbara Walters about how Muslim women feel. Let's not ask Tom Brokaw how Muslim women feel. Let's not ask CNN, ABC, FOX, let's not ask the London Times or the Australian Times. Let's not ask Non-Muslims about how Muslim women feel. how they live. what are their principles. what are their challenges...

:bulletred: Be fair, Ask a Muslim Woman

If you want to be fair ask a Muslim woman. Ask my wife. Ask my mother. Ask my sister... you see, ask a Muslim woman who knows her religion, who has a relationship with her creator, who is stable in her society, understanding her responsibilities and rights, her relationship. ask her. And after that I think you should be fair and you don't need to ask someone else.
But the problem is no one really wants to ask Muslim women. In order to be be seen as a hero, all you need is to find a monster or a damsel in distress. and if you can't, you just create one.
Many Westerners want to take pictures of oppressed women in such-and-such Muslim country, and pictures of suppressed women in such-and-such Muslim country, and pictures of women over here and pictures of women over there. and put things out of proportions. Many people want to listen to what someone says about female circumcision as if Muslims got circumcised women by the tons. As if thousands, ten, twenty, thirty thousand, forty thousand women all over the world are being circumcised. Some crazy ideas even Stephen Spielberg can't imagine.

:bulletred: Let's Be fair again...

And let me give you a statistic that you should know about. If you take a quota, in deviantART for example, (or in school, in your city, in Any community where there are Muslims...) I'll tell you this, most Muslim woman in deviantART, for example, are students and will be college graduates or are college graduates and are very intelligent and very much socially endowed and within their family structure we find that women control the wealth more so than men.
now what does that say to you?
If anyone of you really wants to know how Muslim women feel, just find 10 random Muslim women here and ask them about how they feel.

It is true that some Muslim women are oppressed..
But now where you find women oppressed, women exploited, women mistreated among Muslim that's because those Muslims themselves are not representing the principles of the religion of Islam. And you know pretty well that in every religion you got black sheep. there is an Arabic proverb that says "don't throw rocks on people's houses when your house is made of glass". I guess you get the point.

:bulletred: The real damsels in distress

But then again, nobody can tell us that the 100,000 prostitutes that walk the street in the UK or the 25,000 prostitutes that walk the streets of the Netherlands that have licences to do so, and all these young naked little girls walking in Nudist Resorts in Australia or France with no clothes on, no one can tell us that they represent liberation.
There are 40 million prostitutes in the world. that's more than the population of Canada (with 34,826,566) and Australia (with 23,062,621) that's 4 times the population in Belgium (10,802,463) and 10 times the population in Lebanon (4,306,629)!
Prostitutes get as little as $1 (median price) in South Africa. if you want to get laid, just pay $1. you will get a cheap lady and AIDS as a bonus.
And did you know that murder rate for an American prostitute is 204 for every 100,000! which makes prostitution the most dangerous job in America. a Prostitute's job is even more dangerous than fisherman's (126 for every 100,000)!!!!
no one can tell us, that the 39 million abortions (over 1 million in the United States alone), murders, trafficking and exploitation that take place with these young women that it represents sophistication.
no one can tell us "that" represents liberation.
No one can tell us that a half naked woman sitting on a car or holding a chocolate bar, a half naked woman 'used' for selling everything, toothpaste, food, drinks... everything. No one can tell us that doesn't represents exploitation.

So let's put things in context.
let's talk about things correctly, and lets be fair. let's be objective.

Everyone has their idea of what liberation and freedom is. In this world, there are women who need liberation. But what you may consider liberation may be persecution and oppression for the Muslim woman. therefore, before you plan to play the hero who liberates the Muslim woman, try to be fair and ask her how she feels.

based on the answer of Sheikh Khalid Yasin in his lecture - What is True Success in Life: [link]
and Prostitution stats from [link]
Abortion stats from [link]

I hope this was beneficial.

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If I am right, it is from the God. If I am wrong, it is from myself.
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December 21, 2012
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