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Hana Tajima by Nayzak Hana Tajima by Nayzak
Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you],

"... It's true that I never decided to convert to Islam, nor was there a defining moment where I realised I wanted to be Muslim... My family aren't particularly religious. I was interested in religion, but very disinterested in how it related to my life...
I grew up in rural Devon (in southwest England) where my Japanese father was the ethnic diversity of the village. It wasn't until I studied at college that I met people who weren't of the exact same background, into Jeff Buckley, underground hip-hop, drinking, and getting high. I met and became friends with a few Muslims in college, and was slightly affronted and curious at their lack of wanting to go out to clubs or socialise in that sense. I think it was just the shock of it, like, how can you not want to go out, in this day and age.

"It was at about that time that I started to study philosophy, and without sounding too much like I dyed my hair black and wore my fringe in front of my face, I began to get confused about my life. I was pretty popular, had good friends, boyfriends, I had everything I was supposed to have, but still I felt like 'is that it?' So these things all happened simultaneously, I read more about religion, learned more about friends of other backgrounds, had a quarter life crisis. There were things that drew me to Islam in particular, it wasn't like I was reaching for whatever was there. The fact that the Qur'an is the same now as it ever was means there's always a reference point. The issues of women's rights were shockingly contemporary. The more I read, the more I found myself agreeing with the ideas behind it and I could see why Islam coloured the lives of my Muslim friends...

Telling my family was the easy part. I knew they'd be happy as long as I was happy, and they could see that it was an incredibly positive thing. My friends went one of two ways, met with a lack of any reaction and lost to the social scene, or interested and supportive. More the former, less the latter."

Hana Tajima Simpson (Not FOX's Simpsons); This British born designer is well known for her online fashion label called Maysaa, which she founded a few years ago. Her endless devotion towards fashion has brought her to a much respected level in the fashion industry. Originally based in London, Maysaa has now opened its wings in the Southeast Asia countries - Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and yes, Malaysia!

hana said "There was a certain idea I had in my head about how a Muslim woman should look which is the black Abaya (baggy dress and scarf), but I realised that this is not true and that I could experiment with my looks, while being modest... It took a lot of trial and error to a find a style and a look I'm happy with."

Hana regularly blogs about her designs at StyleCovered website. While all her clothes are suitable for women who wear the hijab, she says she doesn't design with a specific group of people in mind.
"Frankly I design for myself... I think about what I'd like to wear and design it. I have many non-Muslim customers as well, so my designs are not targeted at Muslims alone..."

I hope this was beneficial.

Why did I choose to draw/write about Hana Tajima?
Well, for many reasons. first, as an example to break the stereotype that Muslim women are oppressed, they are prevented to shine. second, to break the stereotype that a Muslim must be Middle-Eastern. Third, I just wanted to draw something different.

If I am right, it is from the God. if I am wrong, it is from myself.
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November 30, 2012
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