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Islam is a beautiful religion. but sadly it's misunderstood because of the media. would you like to learn the truth about Islam? here I offer you a few websites that I found that talk about Islam. I hope they are beneficial for you: :heart:

Videos and TV channels

:bulletred:TUBE ISLAMVideos about Islam and Muslims directed to all people. something like YouTube many Islamic TV and Radio channels in many languages.

Answering the misconceptions against Islam

Arabic dictionaries

if you want to check the Arabic meanings of any word from the Qur'an or any Arabic word, you can use these online dictionaries:
:bulletred:Dictionary Al-Ma'any - قاموس المعاني
:bulletred:Dictionary Al-Baaheth - الباحث العربي

I hope these websites help everyone of you.
if you want any reference about any subject, just write down a comment and I'll try to find references for you.

The articles of these websites may not always represent my own opinions. they only represent the opinions of their authors. I didn't check every single article in these websites. I checked some and found them interesting so I am sharing them.



:bulletred: QUIZ #01…
:bulletred: RESULTS of QUIZ #01…
:bulletred: QUIZ #02…
:bulletred: RESULTS of QUIZ #02…

QUIZ #03 coming next, in sha'Allah.


Sep 2, 2014
8:47 am
Sep 2, 2014
8:01 am
Sep 2, 2014
7:20 am
Sep 2, 2014
6:33 am
Sep 2, 2014
6:08 am


Interfaith tolerance stamp by NayzakInterfaith tolerance stamp by NayzakInterfaith tolerance stamp by Nayzak
Stamp 08 - I support peace by FullWhiteMoonStamp 17- live in peace by FullWhiteMoon:thumb92071344:
Stamp - Don't Be HATING by Moony92Tolerance Stamp by TheFluffGhostDA Stamp - Peace 01 by tppgraphics
:thumb128349363:For peace by StampCollectorsI support World Peace +stamp by AznV
Stop Racism Against Islam by CamaroGirl666:thumb149817236::thumb102140693:
Proud Muslim by CamaroGirl666Stamp 03 - I love Muhammad by FullWhiteMoonStamp 10 - Not a terrorist by FullWhiteMoon
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Religions by RedBloodyRoseProud To Be Muslim Stamp by drDIGITALhamodiP R E J U D I C E by SA948-Stamps

Stamp 01 - Basmalah by FullWhiteMoonTasbee7 by Miss--DeeStamp 20 - The prophet of God by FullWhiteMoon
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Stamp 31 - proof of GOD by FullWhiteMoonStamp 33 - don't be fooled by FullWhiteMoon
Interfaith tolerance stamp by NayzakInterfaith tolerance stamp by NayzakInterfaith tolerance stamp by Nayzak

Visitors' Guidelines

Notice that some of these rules may seem a little strict. I was obliged to put them here because I encountered many visitors who used freedom of speech in order to write aggressive comments and hateful opinions. these rules aren't here to block people's freedom, but just to guide it in a way that is respectful and beneficial for everybody. if you are a respectful and nice person, you may not even need to have a look at these rules. :D



a.1- your words will reflect the size of your brain. if you try to insult me, Islam, the holy prophets of Islam, or anybody else... I will not insult you. but I will flag your comment as spam. I want my page clean.
a.2- you have the right to disagree. but in my page, if you want to voice your opinion, you must be respectful.
a.3- I don't like disagreement and long walls of text written on my PROFILE page. if you have an opinion that requires a long discussion, feel free to do it by note, in my journals or any deviation pages. but NOT ON MY PROFILE PAGE.
a.4- all kinds of racism are not allowed.
a.5- If I tell somebody I don't want to argue about something or continue a discussion because I feel it's going nowhere or that it's pointless, I wish they would understand. I may not always be ready to talk about subjects that only cause disagreement. but if they continue commenting, I have the right to flag their comments as spams.
a.6- I have the right to hide any comment see inappropriate in my pages.


b.1- spreading misconceptions and lies about Islam is not allowed. if you don't know Islam well, be a good learner.
b.2- writing links to anti-islamic websites and websites with lies about Islam is not allowed. the comments with links will be flagged as spams.
b.3- writing links to extremist and terrorist websites or extremist Youtube videos or articles that spread violence, hate and a distorted image of Islam is not allowed. I don't allow extremist propaganda in my pages.
b.4- attacking Islam or any other religion is not allowed. you have right to express a civilized opinion in a polite way. but you don't have right to flame and attack.
b.5- it doesn't matter if you respect the prophets of Islam or not. but in my page, you must show some respect and not write any offensive comment about them (or any religious symbols).
b.6- if you believe Islam is bad or evil, that's your opinion. I respect it although it's wrong. don't care about it and I am not interested to see it written in my page.
b.7- I never go to attack people's beliefs in their pages. so I appreciate you don't come to attack my belief in my pages. if you don't like my artworks, don't watch them. if you don't like my articles, don't read them. simple, no?
b.8- don't judge me based on what extremists and terrorists do or based on what you red in books or watch on TV. everyone is accountable for his words, actions and behavior.
b.9- don't preach your religion in my pages. if you want to preach, DO IT IN YOUR OWN PAGE. if you want to me to see your preaching in your page, invite me by note, and I will be glad to visit. but only if it doesn't attack my faith. I mean, if you spread a bad image about Islam in one side and the beauty of your religion in another side, then no need to invite me. I am not interested.
if you want to discuss religion and compare between yours and mine in a civilized discussion, I don't mind. but I don't do debates.
b.10- Blasphemous comments against Allah[The one and only God] are not welcomed. even if you don't believe in God, you don't have to try to offend those who believe in him.
b.11- quoting quranic verses or hadith out of context is not acceptable. your comment with the verses out of context will be hidden. if you don't know the context of any quranic verse, feel free to ask me and I will explain to you.


c.1- talking bad about different Muslim sects is not allowed. I don't like propaganda for any sect here. and I don't like wars in my page.
c.2- talking bad about other religions is not allowed. everyone is free to believe what they want.
c.3- if you don't know much about Islam, then spare some time and learn before you express your opinions and try to explain Islam to others.
c.4- if you believe drawing is forbidden, then don't draw. I don't like people coming to my page expressing extreme opinions to me.

d.1- not respecting the guidelines may result in a warning or banning of the visitor from my page.



Nayzak has started a donation pool!
11,015 / 6,360
Peace be to you,

Please support the "Know Mohammed Day" Contest by points. these points will be used as prizes for the winners, in sha'Allah [God willing].

You can get a drawing by donating:
:bulletred: 636:points: = 1 character lineart Chibi.
:bulletred: 1272:points: = 2 characters Lineart Chibi or 1 character Color Chibi.
:bulletred: 2,396:points: = Colorful drawing of 1 character.

Thanks in Advance.

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نيزك الهلالي
In the name of Allah[God] The most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

Greetings of peace to all of you my visitors. whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, humanist... brothers and sisters in humanity, you are all welcome to my humble gallery. WELCOME WITH PEACE, BE IN PEACE, LEAVE IN PEACE. But I do hope you enjoy your time here and maybe learn a couple of new beneficial things.


or in the bottom left of this page
if your coming here is for the purpose of attacking my faith, then please do me a favor and leave in peace. if you want to vilify Islam, please do so in your own page. my page is not for people to spread their hate for religion.



There is no compulsion for man to accept truth. But it is certainly a shame upon the human intellect when man is not even interested in finding out what the truth is. Islam teaches that God has given us the FACULTY OF REASON and therefore expects man to reason things out objectively and systematically for ourselves - to reflect and to question and to reflect.

Nobody should press you to make a hasty decision to accept the teachings of Islam, for Islam teaches that man should be given the freedom to choose. Even when a man is faced with the truth, there is no compulsion upon man to embrace it.

But before you begin to form an opinion about Islam, ask yourself, whether your existing knowledge of Islam is thorough enough. Ask yourself whether that knowledge has been obtained through non-muslim third party sources who themselves have probably been exposed to only random glimpses of Islamic writings and have yet to reason on Islam objectively and systematically themselves.

if you like to read some literature about Islam, I invite you to have a look at my list of Good Islamic Websites


Want to know who Nayzak is? here is

And here is my chatting room here in deviantART: NAYZAK'S CAVE . feel free to drop by and ask questions or discuss about anything you like.

Sometimes, I receive a lot of comments and notes, I may not be able to reply them all quickly. so I am sorry if I reply you late...


Although I am trying my best to be peaceful and friendly, from time to time, I receive hostile comments and aggressive insults from people who disagree with what I draw. if you don't like my art, don't watch it. if you don't like my opinions, don't read them. why make a fool out of yourself instead of being a respectful person?

Be nice and people will be nice to you. ^_^


you don't need to ask for permission to share my artworks in your blog/forum/facebook/website or if you want to print any of my artworks to use it for Da'wah for non profit purpose... and credit is not required. All I ask is a little du'a in your prayer.
may Allah, the Almighty God, reward you for what you do.


SURVEY: state 3 things you know about Islam but you don't understandthem or don't know the wisdom behind them.. 

62 deviants said comment (and please state whether you're a Muslim or not.)

SURVEY: [for non-Muslims] Mention 3 things you don't like about ISLAM (not about Muslims, but about Islam) 

61 deviants said Please read my first comment here… for details.
Assalaamu alaikum[peace be to you],

For most of you, this journal is unimportant. it's just me talking about some notes I received. so you can just skip it.

I'm making this journal because I got a really big number of these cases.
it goes like this:
person A (a Muslim) starts a discussion with person B (Islam hater).
then when the discussion reaches a level where A seems to be blocked or can't provide strong arguments or is faced with insults and strong language, A comes to me and asks me to intervene in order to "convince" B.

My usual reply to this specific kind of requests is to decline and refuse to help. simply because I believe this is wrong for the following reasons:

:bulletred: 1- if you don't have enough knowledge to engage in a debate, you shouldn't. you risk giving wrong facts and false information about the subject.
:bulletred: 2- it's not a good habit to start things that you can't finish. if you always count on others to help you, you'll never learn enough to finish what you start by yourself. besides, soon or late you'll face a situation where nobody can assist you.
:bulletred: 3- Many people engaging in debates see debates as battles and have the "I will crush the other" mentality. with such approach truth and facts don't matter because "the aim justifies the means". truth could be disregarded and irrational arguments could be used for the purpose of winning the debate.
:bulletred: 4- Many of those people attacking Islam don't have proper knowledge of what they're debating. they just echo what the biased media feeds them and quote Islamophobic websites. in the end you'll find yourself not only debating one individual but the whole Islamophobic community.
:bulletred: 5- debates consume so much time and, in most cases, they never end well. one finds themselves wasting hours or days and the discussion could be erased or buried under other comments. and after some time, nobody reads your battle achievements.
:bulletred: 6- You may win the debate, but in most cases, the other will not change their mind and agree with you. they may feel defeated but they'll believe they're still right but just lacking enough knowledge to win the debate. this will allow them to keep some pride in what they believed.

For these reasons, I refrain from debates, in my page and in other people's pages. but this doesn't mean I ignore all comments. when I see misconception that needs correction, I try to correct them, either through a comment or a drawing that I submit to my gallery. but I don't try to force the others to agree with me. My aim is to share the little knowledge I have and allow the other the freedom to learn, to agree or disagree.
In the end, debating is not the only way to deliver a message, correct misconceptions, express an opinion. there are experts who excel in the art of debates. leave the work to them. don't engage in something beyond your abilities. instead, use your abilities to do what you do best. if you're an artist, express yourself through your drawings. let your art talk for you. if you're a writer, then express your opinions through your writings. this is what I usually do. this, I believe, is the most fruitful way to deliver a message.

So please, don't ask Nayzak to come and help you defeat your adversary. I'm not Superman.

If I'm right, it's from the God almighty. if I'm wrong, it's from myself.

Wassalaamu alaikum

My Visitors come from...

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Currently working on:

:pointr: "The Amazing Qur'an" Book.
:pointr: Iman and Huda (delayed)
:pointr: hear my Voice (delayed)
:pointr:Understanding Islam for Dummies (delayed)



I saw some people using ASCII symbols to make signatures, I said to myself "why don't I try?". so here are what I made: some Isalmic Art signatures for those who want to use them :D :
find more in my journal…

Islam In Their Eyes:

Throughout history, many non-Muslims expressed honest and positive opinions and thoughts about Islam. this expression takes different forms. here in deviantART, it takes the form of drawing, photography and literature.
I am honored to make this humble feature of some exceptionally amazing Islamic-related works done by non-Muslims:
Haters Gonna Hate by ISolitude :thumb209288571:
A Simple Vision  Test by MandiPope Commission by WhiteFoxCub
ISupportMuslimWomen by SweetLolitaDoll :thumb149817236: Muslim doesn't equal Terrorist by AtheosEmanon

Fin more in my journal:…


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Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Dear Nayzak thank you for reading my comment but i have a comment and would like your response to it.

Jinn are spiritual beings featured in Islamic religions. They are described as one of the three races created by God, along with Humans and Angels. While the humans have been made with clay, and the angels with light, the jinn were made out of smokeless fire. They are usually invisible and seldom interact with humanity, but are capable of doing so. Despite their ethereal nature, they are nevertheless material beings much like men and unlike angels: the jinn live in their own societies and act according to their own free will, choosing whether they'll be good, evil or neutral.

Relation with aliens

The Quran talks about seven planets, and how of all the "creation" only the alumeen interact. "Alumeen" are the jinn, angels and human kind. Other verses state that amongst the alumeen, other "creations" exist. This can be or include "alien life", but as we have learned "only the alumeen interact". Therefore, if aliens exist, they cannot interact with us.

captain-pie Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
OOOHHHHH!!!! You're FullWhiteMoon! :O
Huh, just now noticing this.
Dr-Scaphandre Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
You just now noticed this? The art style is the same, and on his FullWhiteMoon page he gives a link to here. Even his Encyclopedia Dramatica page says this! :facepalm:
captain-pie Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Artist
Eheheh... Yeeeah X3
FireWitch25 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
You have a beautiful gallery Masha'Allah!
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Nayzak Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
"as much as i love your drawings and massages, but Disney has NOTHING and i mean NOTHING to do with israel "
yet they fire a voice actor for a simple Anti-Israel tweet...
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Nayzak Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
"and i'm pretty sure they'll do the same if he ever made anti-islam/middle east tweets"
I'm pretty sure they're fine with Anti-Islam and Anti-Arab because I saw it in Aladdin.

I already told you I'm not interested to argue with you. will you please take the subject to your own page?
(1 Reply)
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Nayzak Featured By Owner 4 days ago
"so what ? Disney dose not support racism against any country or any religion."
Yeah, Anti-Arab and Anti-Islam content isn't racism in your book. without mentioning the Anti-Black and Anti-American-Native contents... Oh! Give me a break.

I'm not interested to argue with you. if you want to defend Disney, please do so in your own page. I didn't block comments in my "Boycott Israel" page so that I receive them in my profile page.
This ends this discussion.
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AmericaTheHero1337 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I love how you deal with haters. 

So chill
FabulousEmma Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Whoa, there's a bunch of debates on your comments.
I'm neutral of muslim religion.
But whoa, dang people have strong opinions
Ali-00000 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  New member Student Writer
All you do is haram, sorry.
Nayzak Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Then how about you show me what's halal IN YOUR PAGE!
Rapshadow Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
انت الافضل يا نيزك الحمدالله اني مسلم ^^
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Nayzak Featured By Owner Edited Aug 22, 2014
لماذا علي إلقاء نظرة؟ هل هناك ما يستحق النظر؟

أنا متأسف لكنني سأخفي تعليقك و أرجو منك ألا تضع أي روابط في تعليقاتك اللاحقة في صفحتي
 صفحتي ليست مجالا مفتوحا لنشر و إشهارالصفحات المعادية للإسلام
layalisaud Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
اسفه على ذلك
I Sent you a note
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Nayzak Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
I'm afraid your comment is to be flagged as spam.

Reason: your comment is breaking rule b.2 that says: "writing links to anti-islamic websites and websites with lies about Islam is not allowed. the comments with links will be flagged as spams."
The link you posted, although not external, is to a deviant who spreads lies and misconceptions against Islam. therefore, your comment with the link is to be flagged as spam.
I see it a shameful attempt to get viewers from my page. it's really pathetic that unknown and unpopular islamophobes try to advertise their unpopular pages in a Muslim page. Hahaha! talk about people with no pride!

Please READ THE RULES of my page… before you comment here.
JustAToast Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Im a toast, can i praise?.
InvisibleElvis Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The world needs more people like you.
layalisaud Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
السلام عليكم
اخي المسلم
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